Sports Articles

Preparing for Battle

By Lyric Narcisse
 As the Wildcats are preparing for yet another game, I asked the players to describe Coach Jenkins. I wanted to know what is so different and promising about him. The players seem to be very confident in the comeback of the Wildcat team. Could it be the coach that has gave them a whole new outlook of this season? Has Coach Jenkins given them hope? One player stated that it is his help for the community that gives them hope. He invested in getting new jerseys, a new stadium, and tailgating to raise money. Seems to me like the team believes their coach has a big heart. Another player says his discipline and constant work is never ending. He does not give up or show mercy.  It seems to me that his great sense of caring is matched only by his stern attitude and love of hard work and discipline.

Coach Gaille's Return

By: Taylor Rodrigue

The Wildcats were in for a big surprise at their first pep-rally. Somebody that the entire school figured they would never see again showed up at the school, and participated in the pep-rally! Coach Gaille. For those that don't know who coach Gaille is, he was the head coach and athletic director before Coach Bell. He stayed at the school the longest of all the football coaches in the school's history, and had the best overall winning record. He left the school in 2010. Coach Gaille left a legacy on SJH. All he had to do was say "Respect" and the entire school knew it was him; the school went wild, and some students and teachers were even crying out of happiness. The most memorable moment in the pep rally was, when he gave Coach Jenkins, our current head coach, a football. It was a symbolic moment of Coach GailLe passing on his legacy to another great legend, Coach Jenkins. We may have lost that game, but our team is growing and getting better, as it has shown in the past few games. We will get the back the respect that we truly deserve. Coach Gaille left this last quote with us: "To get respect, do what you have to do and do it right." Thank you Coach Gaille for coming back to the Wildcat Country, it was truly an honor.

Flame of Hope, For Our Up and Coming Season

By Lyric Narcisse 

The Wildcats are fired up!! What about the fans? The Wildcats are more than ready to start a fresh successful football season. The players are excited and more dedicated than ever. Well you may wonder what’s the difference between last year and this year? “The staff, and the coach are more enthusiastic.” Says D’Kwan Sandolph , wide receiver. I also asked Aaron McKinley, wide receiver, what the difference is, he said “ Last year I was a fan. And it looks as though the community is more into it.” McKinley is right, our Wildcats need support! He also stated that, “By the community being into it, it makes the football players perform better.” Although the Wildcats did not bring home a win, the being score 2-7, they are still looking forward to a successful season. “This just makes us grind harder and focus on the rest of the season.” Says Sandolph. “The team is finally playing as a heartbeat. Everyone gets a long.” I asked McKinley to describe the relationship between the team, he replied “One word, family.” and thats how I think we should view everything we do at St. James High School, as part of one family with one heart pushing for a better tomorrow.