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Join The Wild Side

By Asha Pierce
  I got spirit. Yes, I do. I got spirit. How about you? Cheers to the Friday nights under the bright lights of the Wildcat stadium. I have watched fans cheer on their favorite teams while the football players motivated their teammates to get better. As all of the extracurricular activities (i.e., cheerleaders, marching band, ROTC color guards, majorettes, flag team, football players and sports medicine) are getting prepared for their Friday night events, I am pleased to announce the arrival of our new mascot. Recently, a lot of buzz has been going on about the name of our newly adopted mascot SJ. Students have submitted names and voted on a panel of what it could be. The results are in but I went behind the scenes and conducted an interview with our mascot, tenth grader, Ethan Hubbell and the supervisor, eleventh grade English teacher, Ms. Laurent about the new ideas of the school’s mascot.


Ethan Hubbell

Q: How did it feel to wear the mascot costume for the first time?

A: It felt a bit weird, but it was very fun.

Q: What do you think would the most fun part about being the mascot?

A: I am expecting the fun parts to be going to the games, being silly and making people laugh.


Ms. Laurent

Q: What were the three highest numbers three of the Mascot names?

A: In first place: SJ. Winning with the second highest number of votes: Cane. Last but not least third place: Willie.

Q: Why do you think the Mascot name ‘SJ’ best represents Saint James High School?


SJ is a crafty way of working Saint James’ initials into the name of the mascot. It is also what the majority of the students voted for so it represents what our student body wanted. I like that and I am thankful to those students who voted.


Friday at the game the kids seemed to take to the name well. I think by the end of the night SJ was pretty tired and had heard this name called literally hundreds of times.


“St. James High, we all salute you. All our vows renew.”

Welcome Back Students: We Are Back In Action


Mr. Kennedy, principal of Saint James High School

Interviewed by Asha Pierce


Welcome back students and teachers of Saint James High School. I bet each of you were eager to come back to school. School has been a real hassle from reuniting with your friends to meeting your new teachers. As the school year is going by, we rarely see what is going on behind the scenes. There is so much preparation and consideration that goes on to keep the school safe and operating efficiently. I realized that the principal plays an important role in controlling and operating the school, so I decided to conduct an interview with him. I discussed topics with him ranging from sports events to school improvements. If you are interested in knowing, then take a look:

Q: How do you think the football players are going to do this season?

A: I am looking for a good season. I think the players are going to be very competitive, and the attitude of the players will be real positive.


Q: How do you feel about the new sports’ programs happening this year?

A: I feel great about the new sports’ programs. When I hired coach Jenkins, we talked about adding girl’s sporting events such as tennis, cross-country, powerlifting, indoor track and field and many more. Overall the entire athletic department is being changed.


Q: Do you have any inspiring words you would like to give this year’s athletes?

A: I would like to say good luck to everybody. I want you to always know that the school, staff, and community are behind you and give your best effort.


Q: What types of things are being done to improve the school?

A: The athletic department is one thing that is being improved. We will work on doing a better job at the P.B.I.S. to reward students and staff members to change the focus of school from negative to positive.


Q: What kind of advice would you give seniors preparing for college?

A: I want the seniors to understand that even though it is their last year in high school, and they plan to have a lot of fun that academics is always important, because it determines how far you go.


Q: In your opinion, what is one thing that all high school students should remember when they graduate from high school?

A: I want them to always remember at least one or two teachers or someone who made a difference in their life that inspired them to become successful. I hope that at least the graduating students could find someone at Saint James High School who inspired him or her.


Bad Relations Or Preconceived Notions?

By Taylor Rodrigue
At St. James High, many people automatically assume that SJH and LHS students do not get along. The most common belief is, if you put SJH students and LHS students in the same room, then there will be a fight. Another belief is that SJH and LHS girls always have some sort of drama happening between them. Well, honestly, that isn't true. Yes, St. James and Lutcher students have their differences, but really there isn’t anything major. At SMA, the two schools live in harmony. There are rarely any fights at SMA, and if there ever is a fight, it is more likely to be between two or more St. James students or between two or more Lutcher students, then between SJH and LHS students. Most SJH students are good friends with people from Lutcher. All in all, Lutcher and St. James students do actually get along together.