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kid shadow
Kidd Shadow
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Starting middle school? Well, here’s some advice for you.
By Kidd Shadow 

  1. If you’re having a difficult time in school, talk to some of the older kids, if you don’t have an older brother or sister. They’ve been where you are today. They’ll understand and try to help you the best way they can or know how. (Some of them)
  2. If you’re getting stressed out and think about self-harm talk to your guidance counselor, whatever you tell him/her is STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. Which means he/she CANNOT tell anyone what you’ve told him/her.

  3. Don’t get behind on your work. If you don’t understand it, PLEASE ask for help. That’s what your teachers are there for: to help you, guide you, and teach you. So, don’t be afraid to speak up. Trust me, you're not the first and you won’t be the last.

  4. If someone is bullying you, tell an adult or talk to the guidance counselor. He/she is there for you to talk to at anytime. He/she will help you to the best of his/her ability, but if you don’t tell him/her, how will he/she know?

  5. Be yourself! I know coming into middle school can be tough, I’ve been in the same predicament you're in today: trying to find yourself, who/what you want to be. Just be you, and everything will work out. Don’t try to copy anyone, because that’s not cool. Be unique, think outside the box, and be original!

Dear Kidd Shadow,
I have problems with people acting tough and messing with me, what should I do?
Disturbed and Distracted


Dear Disturbed and distracted, 
Don't let those kids get to you. Especially the one's who act tough, they're just looking for attention. If it gets physical, talk to an adult. Other than that, don't let those kids words bother you. When they tell you something, repeat this to yourself "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but your words will never hurt me". It may seem stupid, but it helps me all the time. 
Kidd Shadow