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Reminder: Students who arrive late to school must be signed in by a parent/guardian.

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St. James High Graduation Rates and SPS
'07-'08 '08-'09 '09-'10 '10-'11  '11-'12 '12-'13  '13-'14
82.1% 75.7% 74.3%
 75% 67%
'14-'15  '15-'16  '16-'17  '17-'18  '18-'19    
 81.3%  80.6%          
   SPS 82.2 "C"  SPS 96.7 "B"        

Support learning at home today!
- when it comes to homework, don't do the work for your child, but be ready to help appropriately like making note cards, reviewing, or helping your child to brainstorm ideas for projects, etc.
- provide a comfortable, well-lit study area without the distractions of tv, or loud music.
- keep books, magazines, and newspapers around to encourage your child to read.
- find out what resources are available at your local library
- if possible, provide computer and internet access for research and homework.

When scheduling classes, it's important to remember:

- graduation requirements
- college admission requirements
- elective courses in an area of concentration
- ability level

Talk to your teen about life after high school and discuss
- programs available at 4-year colleges
- certificate programs at community colleges
- internships or apprenticeships
- military service and the training available