Jersey Retirement
St. James High School Jersey Retirement recognizes the accomplishments of past student-athletes and who have preformed at the highest level in his/her sport and enhanced or elevated the state of St. James High School and/or the former Magnolia High School. Each year, the committee may induct up to (1) new member annually. 

Retiring the number of an athlete is an honor a team bestows upon an individual who has distinguished him or herself by achieving extraordinary levels of respect and success. The nominee must have demonstrated a sustained and exemplary level of performance that is second to none.
Nominees must be eight years post high school or five years removed from position, competition or active professional careers. Once a jersey is retired, it is symbolically retired with the honoree’s jersey number and name permanently displayed.

Jersey Retirement History

Retired jerseys are often referred to as "hanging from the rafters" as they are, literally, put to hang in the team's home arena. The first number officially retired by a team in a professional sport was that of ice hockey player Ace Bailey, whose number 6 was retired by the Toronto Maple Leafs in 1934. The first St. James Wildcat jersey to be retired was stand out All-State Center, Richard “Dickie” Granier, a member of the 1959 State Championship Team. Granier went on to star at LSU as an All-American and Permanent Team Captain.

At the St. James High School Historical Restoration meeting held Monday, August 19, 2019 the selection committee made a unanimous decision to re-commemorate #50 Richard “Dickie” Granier as the first St. James Wildcat retiree originally inducted by the St. James High School Fathers Club in 1965. Furthermore, the selection committee unanimously decided to officially induct #31 Timothy “Big Tim” Harry, previously recognized on the football stadium press box for his ultimate sacrifice. A unanimous determination was also made to officially retire #84 Rydell Malancon and #1 Corey Webster as after a nomination and synopsis were presented to the selection committee completing the inaugural class.

Game Recognition

September 13, 2019 – Season Opener (Family Night)

St. James Mighty Wildcats vs. East St. John Wildcats
#50 Richard “Dickie” Granier
#31 Timothy “Big Tim” Harry

September 27, 2019 – Game 3 (Blue Night)
St. James Mighty Wildcats vs. Destrehan Fighting Wildcats

#84 Rydell Malancon
#1 Corey Webster

*The inductee's jersey will be permanently displayed on the football stadium press box forever honoring his/her life and contribution to the Wildcat community.

Multiple Sport Athletes  
A player consideration for jersey retirement must be based solely on their achievements in that sport, however an athlete may have their jersey retired in multiple sports if they meet the criteria in each sport.

Display of Retired Number
The honoree's jersey with his/her name will be retired and permanently displayed at established location, within athletic facilities and school buildings. Jersey retirement will honor a player’s number although it may be used in play at the coach’s discretion. Athletes whose sport does not have a jersey number will be honored by having their jerseys honored, numbered in order from 1.

 Sport                                           Display Area
Football                                       Football Press Box/Gym 

Baseball                                       Baseball Press Box/Gym

Softball                                        Softball Press Box/Gym

Basketball                                    Basketball Gym