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Important Information to Start the School Year Off Right!


Fees and Waivers 22-23  Technology Fee Disclaimer:  If a family has more than 3 children in that household attending St. James Parish Schools for the 2022-2023 school year, a parent can apply for a technology fee waiver for additional children in the household.  Email the SJPS Help Desk at [email protected] or call the SJPS Help Desk at 225-265-4497 for more details.  If the waiver is approved, the total cost for the family will be $150.  Before applying for the waiver, payments must be made for the 3 oldest children of the household at each child's homebase school or using schoolcashonline (Online Payment). Documentation of payment must be retained as this information will be needed when applying for the waiver.  NO refunds will be made.  

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St. James Parish School District will continue to offer a limited number of wireless hotspot devices to students who do not have Internet access at home. This plan will enable students to “check out” a device that provides Internet service to the school’s iPad.  The plan is intended to help SJPS students access educational online resources at home. iPads and hotspots are managed to only allow access to educational online services and applications approved by St. James Parish Schools. To ensure peace of mind, these devices use internet content filtering. This device will monitor all web activity and daily and monthly data limits are also in place.   A replacement fee will be charged if the device is lost, damaged or not returned.  This device must be returned when requested or when the iPad is returned at the completion of school coursework. If you have a child that attends St. James Parish Schools and are in need of WiFi assistance for your child’s at home learning, please email [email protected] requesting more information or call 225-258-4497 from 8AM - 3PM Monday through Friday. 

Reminder: Students who arrive late to school must be signed in by a parent/guardian.

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Support learning at home today!
- when it comes to homework, don't do the work for your child, but be ready to help appropriately like making note cards, reviewing, or helping your child to brainstorm ideas for projects, etc.
- provide a comfortable, well-lit study area without the distractions of tv, or loud music.
- keep books, magazines, and newspapers around to encourage your child to read.
- find out what resources are available at your local library
- if possible, provide computer and internet access for research and homework.

When scheduling classes, it's important to remember:

- graduation requirements
- college admission requirements
- elective courses in an area of concentration
- ability level

Talk to your teen about life after high school and discuss
- programs available at 4-year colleges
- certificate programs at community colleges
- internships or apprenticeships
- military service and the training available